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Please play this song at my funeral.

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The marker tool in MS Paint is actually really fun !!

what the heck is with this influx of followers

I’ll upload some thugs soon ♣

Hey ugly, what’re you doing with that gun?

ALSO HELLO 100 FOLLOWERS (this is very surprising thank you)

some recent doodles, started playing a made-from-scratch tabletop tonight with pals! exciting times!

Here’s an album chock full of old electronic music I made and finally compiled tonight.  Nothing’s mixed or anything, and some is kinda bad, but some I’m proud of.  Hope you enjoy!

Art wall is up after TWO MONTHS wow
hmm there’s stuff from kiwisbybeat, alexandrediboine, lauraeggen, rylandbouchard, zepangborn, some lovely people at peowstudio, and carivanderyacht
INKED PANEL #1 (sort of, needs more pen detail)color to come, watercolor specifically I think

Real, real exciting pictures from a solo hike I took on accident

I don’t wanna jinx myself but I’ve been really thumbnailing something and it feels nice





I always actually do things at the weirdest times. Unplanned going through my scans folder and coloring.
Re-scanned, still bad!

Re-scanned, still bad!

He’s had a rough life
Final artwork for barbequechips' cassette release “Transient Portals” ♥•

Final artwork for barbequechips' cassette release “Transient Portals” ♥•